Tour Code 1 Inline Hockey Skate

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The Tour Code 1 is arguably one of the finest Inline Hockey Skates available on the market. The attention to detail, quality, and technology in this skate creates a level of performance, comfort, and style that is unmatched. The Advanced  thermolayer composition is lightweight and heat-moldable allowing the Skater to custom mold the boot to their own unique foot shape. Using VORRAC Quarter construction produces a light and flexible skate. The addition of  VIBRAM wear patches adds durability to the exterior surfaces, High-density memory foam is used to comfortably lock in the heel and ankle and increase power transfer. Add to this Labeda Humer Eviction PRO 2 Magnesium Aluminum Hybrid Frame, Bevo Swiss Platinum Race Rated (chrome) and labeda Addition wheels and you will find the Code one is truly a flagship skate.

Additional Features:

DPS Lo-Boy technology

A.R.C. Tongue (Anti-Lacebite, Removeable, Custom Fit Toe Box)

Comfort pillow padding edge reduces ankle irritation and provides lasting comfort

Size 5 – 6 have 76mm wheels

Sizes 7 – 12 have 80mm wheels

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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