Roller Derby Test O'Matic App

Roller Derby Test O’Matic

Test yourself before you WRECK yourself! Derby skaters and Fresh Meat answer multiple-choice questions to test their WFTDA knowledge in this flat-track roller derby test. Roller Derby Test O’Matic Lite is FREE for Android and iOS users.

Test O’Matic for smartphones includes TIME ATTACK (timer mode) to see how fast you can race to get the answers.

This app is officially licensed by WFTDA, and requires no Internet connection to play! It’s based on website. Not available on the app yet, but on the site, you can do even – like build your own test!


Roller Derby Candy Dash

Roller Derby Candy Dash

Remember Candy Crush? This isn’t it! (Phewwww!)

Roller Derby Candy Dash is the highest-ranking action app out there for Roller Derby, and supports iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Derbiers around the WORLD love Roller Derby Candy Dash. The high-speed, trick-filled, fast-paced game dedicated to this hardcore sport is awesome, fast, and fun – not to mention the graphics rock our world!

Candy Dash is a downhill ride of competition, scoring high and endless challenges. You can even challenge friends through their site or Social. Hey, if they can’t get out on the track, you might as well show them the app!


Roller Derby Minimum Skills

Minimum Skills – Test O’Matic Style

Test O’Matic made another awesome app! Minimum Skills has everything you need to track and list minimum skills for Fresh Meat completing the test.

Android and iOS users give this app a high rating. It shows you a list, tips to pass, how to improve and master skills needed for derby, and even tracks your progress through the process!

Minimum Skills by Test O’Matic is the best app for guiding you through the test. Comes complete with written rules tests to review rules for the Written Rules portion! Highly rated, and used by many, Minimum Skills is a great way to track progress and results, and encourages Fresh Meat to be the derbier they want to be!


Roller Derby Jam Timer App


With the JamTimer app, roller derby officials can leave their old school stopwatches at home! JamTimer has built-in, updated WTFDA, RDCL, and OSDA style game rules programmed into it at the touch of a button. Games are easily customized into scrimmage or tournament. The last update included 8 languages along with updating all styles of game rules.

JamTimer tracks times, and will vibrate warnings for certain events. Officials LOVE the customizable, easy to use app.

Designed for iOS platforms, JamTimer has rockin retina display, can be used when other apps are open (for multi-tasking), and has super large buttons for accuracy. With their eye on the game, officials can now know their iPhone or iTouch will be there every ‘call’ of the way!


Intro to Flat-Track Roller Derby

Intro to Flat-Track Roller Derby

This hot, new app is known for its killer videos and imagery. Above all else… Designed and written by an active roller girl!!!!! (So you know it’s good!)

Roller derby players everywhere can download this app, and easily learn and practice rules, ref hand signals, and get updated information in the FAQ section.

The strategy section gives tips and tricks, so that Fresh Meat can work to dominate the competition – on the rink or off!

Available for iOS 5.0 or later, and uses WFTDA rules.

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Which App is Your Favorite?

Have you tried one, or maybe even all of the apps above? Take the poll and let us know! Maybe you have enjoyed killing time in line by playing some Roller Derby Candy Dash, or maybe the organizational utility of of Minimum Skills is more up your alley.

Whatever your preference may be, cast your vote by picking your favorite phone app of the bunch!

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