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Roller Skates

Buy roller skates on sale at Devaskation.com. We carry all types of skates including roller derby skates, speed skates, inline skates, quad skates, kids skates, and Dance Skates.  Buying the right skate is a decision that we can help you with!  Our friendly staff is available to answer any of your questions and can even off your discounts on skates that aren't listed on our website!  There are many factors involved when choosing the right skate including boot, fit, components, price, and weight.  Your skate depends on what you as an individual want in a skate set up and the right skate make all the difference. 

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Crazy Flash Light-Up Kids Skate
Get your hands on the hot new kid skate of 2015: the Crazy Flash Light-Up Kids Skate! These ska..
Based on 4 reviews.
Vanilla Junior Altitude Roller Skate
The New Vanilla Junior Altitudes Skate has everything you have come to expect from Vanilla. Per..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Antik AR-1 Limited Edition Skate
This 2015 limited edition of the new Antik AR-1 skate comes with the new 2015 Antik AR1 boot in the ..
Antik BREEZE Derby Skate
The New 2015 Antik Breeze Don't miss you chance to snag this year's Antik Breeze skate from GrnMn..
Antik BREEZE Derby Skate 2014
The Antik Breeze Skate is a great way to step up your game. This Skate is all the prerformance you e..
Antik HURRICANE Derby Skate
The best derby skate of 2015 is finally available! The Antik Hurricane Derby Skate comes with the al..
Antik Richter
The Antik Richter skate package is a great skate for beginners and experienced skaters alike. The MG..
Antik Spyder
The Antik Spyder is a great skate for anyone that wants the feel and look of an Antik AR-1 or MG-2 b..
Antik Storm Skate
The 2015 Antik Storm skate comes with the all new 2015 Antik AR-1 boot with your choice of either re..
Antik Tornado Skate
Get ready for Antik's brand new Tornado skate 2015 edition! This skate comes with the new Antik 2015..
Antik Tremor
The Antik Tremor is a great durable package. This package includes the Antik AR-1 Boot, a PowerDyne ..
Atom F1 Viper Poison Package
The Atom F1 Viper Poison Package  by Luigino is a great package for anyone wanting to learn how..
Based on 1 reviews.
Atom Matrix Skate
The Atom Matrix by Luigino is the absolute top-notch skate package you can buy from Luigino. Mo..
Based on 1 reviews.
Atom Vortex Skate
The Atom Vortex by Luigino is a fantastic package for anyone that is looking to upgrade from their s..
Based on 1 reviews.
Chicago 800 Roller Skate
The Chicago 800 is a great step up from entry level skates. This skate lets you gradually improve yo..
Based on 1 reviews.
Crazy DBX 5 Skate
 The Crazy DBX 5 skate is rivals the strongest skates out there. The boot is made of waterproof..
Crazy DBX Junior Adjustable Quad Skate
Crazy Skate's DBX Junior is a great skate for growing children. Its unique footbed system allows for..
Crazy Disco Roller Kids Skate
The Disco Roller by Crazy Skates is the hot new kids skate of 2015! Make your child the superstar of..
Crazy Rocket Skate
Get your child a great skate to learn on with Crazy Skate's Rocket skate. This skate is quality on a..
Crazy Skates Celebrity Art
The Celebrity Art skate by Crazy Skates brings back the retro Hi-Boot rollerskate with a modern twis..
Crazy Skates Celebrity Art Junior
The Crazy Skates Celebrity Art is finally available in a junior size! This skate is perfect for youn..
Crazy V12 Skate
**This skate has been discontinued. Please check out the Crazy Flash Skate or the Crazy Rocket Skate..
Custom Atom Skate
Create your very own custom Atom skate!  Not only can you choose your favorite Atom boot, ..
Epic Galaxy Elite Boy's Skate
The Epic Galaxy Elite Boy's Skate is a great choice for new skaters.  These skates are des..
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Epic Galaxy Elite Girl's Skate
The Epic Galaxy Elite Girl's Skate was released in 2015 and is an "epic" skate for young girls ..
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Epic Super Nitro Black & Red Indoor / Outdoor Quad Roller Speed Skates
The New Epic Super Nitro is a wonderful skate for the introductory skaters. Designed with boys in mi..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Jackson Vibe Derby Skate
Just getting into Roller Derby? Then this is the skate for you! This set up is a great starter skate..
Based on 4 reviews.
Jackson Vibe Snap Skate
The Jackson Vibe Snap skate package is a great beginner package for juniors (teens) and adults...
Based on 1 reviews.
Labeda Voodoo U3
The U3 from Labeda is a great skate to start out in, and one of the best looking entry level skates ..
Mota Black Magic Package
  The Mota Black Magic Package is everything you would expect from Mota Skates at ..
Mota Quad Package
Now you can build your custom Mota skate just the way you want it! Start by choosing which awesome b..
Moxi Ivy Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates
Who says skates can't be stylish?  From the high top Moxi Ivy Boots with brushed nylon lining t..
Moxi Lolly Skates
Moxi Lolly skates are made with a high-top, suede leather boot that comes in a variety of colors. Th..



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