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Jam Skates

Jam Skates

Looking to jam skate?  Take a look at the best skates for dancing and jamming below. 

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Impala Quad Roller Skates
Impala Roller skates were first introduced in 2019 and feature a wide variety of colors and styles. ..
Riedell 3200 Unity Rhythm Skate
The New Riedell 3200 Unity Skate is truly the pinnacle of excellence in modern Rhythm and Dance Sk..
Riedell Phaze
Customize your skate in the Riedell Colorlab before placing your order! The Phaze is the Model 951 u..
Riedell Quest
The Quest from Riedell is the perfect skate for dancers. The weight is ideal for those that are tryi..
Vanilla Junior Code Red Limited Edition
The New Vanilla Code Red Skate is the latest in the great line up of Jam Skates from Vanilla. These ..
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Vanilla Junior Denim Roller Skates
The New Vanilla Junior Denim Skates Are Now Available!!! Make your jeans jealous with the ne..
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Vanilla Junior Smurfs
Vanilla is proud to introduce the Vanilla Junior Smurf complete skate. The Junior Smurf boot fe..
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