Luigino Kid’s Adjustable Challenge Package 4 Wheel



Shoe size does NOT equal skate size! Please ensure that you have measured your foot properly and matched your measurement with your model of skate boot. How to Measure Your Foot / Skate Size Charts

Earn up to 270 Points.


Luigino Kid’s Adjustable Challenge Package includes the NEW Luigino Kid’s Adjustable Challenge Boot for growing kids! Keep your kiddos in a comfortable and supportive skate with the neoprene lining and a shell that is actually molded for childrens feet taking into account the less developed structure of a childs foot. Attached to this boot is the Pilot Striker Frame, made with ultra strong, lightweight heat treated aircraft aluminum. Roll in style on our favorite outdoor wheel, the Atom Matrix Wheels which are great for indoor and outdoor skating. 

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Luigino Kid's Challenge Adjustable Boot

Adjustable Size

13JR US/31 EUR – 2 US / 34 EUR, 2 US / 34 EUR – 5 US / 37 EUR


Atom MATRIX Wheels – Outdoors
Sizes: 80mm, 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm

Boot Color

Blue, Pink , Red, Silver


I'm a pro, I'll mount them myself, Please mount these for me


Pilot Striker – Aircraft Aluminum

Sizing Information


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