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Inline Skates

Inline Skating has been popular ever since its debut in 1642. The sport took off quickly when other countries discovered the sport making everyone revolutionize  the products into what we have today. Starting from ice, going to quads, and then to Inline, this sport has been on every type of skate out there. The biggest point for choosing a skate for inline skating is to have the lightest skate you can. Most skates today are made out of three different materials: Leather, Carbon Fiber, and/or Fiber Glass. Along with the light material boots, the Frames, or Plates are also made out of the lightest metals possible ranging from Magnesium to Aircraft Aluminum. The most important part of an Inline Skate is the wheels, or else you will go nowhere. Skaters have different preference to wheels depending where you are skating. For indoor tracks skaters prefer the hardest wheels they can find in order to reduce the give that wheels get due to body weight canceling out slower speed. For outside wheels they want the hardest outdoor wheel because the same reason applies, the softer the wheel the more give, causing slower speed. Take a look below and have a good time choosing the perfect skate for you. 

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Atom Matrix Outdoor Wheels
Atom's Matrix represents a MAJOR overhaul utilizing our X-Flex core and proprietary 'Insane Thane' f..
Based on 1 reviews.
Atom One Inline Outdoor Wheels
These wheels have been discontinued and replaced with the Atom Matrix Wheels! The Atom One wheel ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Atom Sub-7 Inline Wheels
The evolution of indoor racing continues!  Atom's Sub-7 Inline Wheel features an improved Q rin..
Based on 1 reviews.
Crazy Skates 308 Adjustable
These inline skates from Crazy are a great skate to purchase. They are adjustable with four differen..
Crazy Skates 528 Adjustable
 If you are looking for a skate that is both durable and adjustable you have come to the right ..
Gyro Lumen
The Lumen wheel is the hardest wheel that Gyro makes. This wheel is intended for indoor surfaces, an..
Gyro Lumen Hybrid Wheels
The Lumen Hybrid Inline Wheels were tested by and approved by a national champion. These wheels will..
Labeda Addiction Inline Wheels
An extremely durable, smooth, ultra- responsive urethane, wheel with a full radius profile. Per..
Labeda Lazer Wheels
These Labeda wheels are great for recreational and performance skaters alike. The Lazer feature Clea..
Labeda Millennium Wheels
With the original dual durometer, the Labeda Millennium has the hardest rebound urethane c..
Labeda Shooter Hockey Wheels
The Labeda Shooter is an all around wheel designed for the intermediate player looking for good..
Luigino Bolt Boot
The Luigino Bolt Boot features an AquaTech shell with a MicroFiber lining that completely molds..
Based on 2 reviews.
Luigino Challenge Boot
The Luigino Challenge is a low-profile boot that gives maximum performance for all types and styles ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Luigino Challenge Package
 Looking for a sleek, comfortable, fast skate package, this is for you. The Challenge package f..
Luigino Challenge Pro Package
  The New Challenge Pro Package is built with the Classic Luigino Challenge Boot with the P-..
Luigino Kid's Adjustable Challenge Package 3 Wheel
Luigino Kid's Adjustable Challenge Package includes the NEW Luigino Kid's Challenge Adjustable Boot...
Based on 3 reviews.
Luigino Kid's Adjustable Challenge Package 4 Wheel
Luigino Kid's Adjustable Challenge Package includes the NEW Luigino Kid's Adjustable Challenge Boot...
Luigino Strut Boot
The Luigino Strut boot is a great boot that has been praised by world class skaters, and comes to yo..
Based on 1 reviews.
Luigino Strut Skate Package - 3 Wheel
The Strut 3 Wheel Package includes the Popular Strut Boot by Luigino. This boot maximizes comfort fo..
Based on 1 reviews.
Luigino Strut Skate Package - 4 Wheel
The Strut 4 Wheel Package includes the Popular Strut Boot by Luigino. This boot maximizes comfort fo..
Based on 1 reviews.
Mota Boss Inline Racing Chassis
The Mota Boss Inline Racing Chassis is made of Aircraft 7075 T6 extruded alloy and machined to perfe..
Mota Flash Inline Boot
Mota's new line of Flash boots include Smart-Fit. Fitted heel cup, moldable shells, contoured toe bo..
Mota Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Inline Wheels
These wheels from Mota are great for both indoor and outdoor skating! Coming soon. ..
Mota TKO Inline Wheels
Get ready for the next BIG thing from Mota. Their new inline wheels come in 100mm, 110mm, and even 1..
Roller Derby Aerio Q-60 Inline Skates
Roller Derby's new Aeiro Q-60 Inline Skates are the skates for you! These inline skates come st..
Roller Derby Aerio Q-80 Inline Skates
Looking for a super fast, super sleek, inline skate? The Roller Derby brand Aerio Q-80 inline s..
Roller Derby Aerio Q-90 Inline Skates
The Aerio Q-90 Inline Skate by Roller Derby is a comfortable semi-soft skate designed for adult men ..
Seba 4D Frames
The New Seba 4D Flat and Rockered Frames will revolutionize your own Skating style.  The new..
SEBA Carbon Downhill Skate
This skate is SEBA's High Light Carbon with a downhill frame designed for high speed and extreme dow..
Seba CJ Wellsmore Skates
The aggressive pro skate from Seba! The Seba CJ Wellsmore pro aggressive skates have a carbon f..
Seba FR 2 80 Skates
The Seba FR-2 80 skate is an urban inline and one of the best quality, affordable fre..
Based on 1 reviews.
Seba FR 2 84 Skates
The Seba FR-2 84 skate is an urban inline and one of the highest quality, afford..
SEBA FR Downhill Skate
SEBA's FR Downhill skate is designed for a comfortable downhill skating experience, but can also be ..



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